A Thank You From Israel

I am so proud of our community! To whatever degree you played a part in this, I am grateful for the generous giving that you made possible. Besides benevolence within in our own community, this year our small synagogue sent thousands of dollars in aid to Israel and to Ukraine ($10,000 over what we originally budgeted). You don’t always get to see the gratitude expressed by those who are on the receiving end of the blessing. But believe me the help is much appreciated. Let me share with you just a little bit…

There is no victory of light over darkness as long as we do not stand for the truth, the simple truth that instead of merely fighting the darkness, we must increase the light.

A D Gordon

Certificate of Appreciation to

Tikvat David Messianic Synagogue

For your contribution to the commander’s evening program, southern district of Israel

With great respect and appreciation

Commander signatures…

We also received a video from the soldiers. Its’s from a cell phone so the quality is not so great, but I think you will get the main idea. I will provide a rough translation of what they said…

Thank you so much for the tactical uniforms, for real. It’s obvious how you helped us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you guys! Because of you we have proper uniforms, we stand ready and G-d willing we will be victorious… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Thank you for being a part of such things! If you want to continue being a blessing together with us, donate using the button below and state the purpose of your donation (Israel and/or Ukraine) and will add your donation to ours.

Blessings, Rabbi Peter