Next Generation

Tikvat David is a family community and our nursery, elementary, and youth classes and activities are central to the life of the congregation. We provide children’s education in Bible, Jewish life, and more. Our youth group is community within a community, developing leaders for the next generation and forming bonds that will last a lifetime. Our youth bless us all with their repeated decisions to serve and not be spectators, looking to the needs of upcoming children and finding ways to be involved in the repair of this world for Messiah.


The Tikvat David kids class is dedicated to helping our younger children learn the Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective. We are dedicated to providing a caring, fun, and educational environment so that our children can develop a love for Torah, Yeshua, and the Bible.


The Tikvat David teen class is dedicated to helping our teens to have meaningful discussions which will help them to see the relevance of Messianic Judaism in their lives. We also provide opportunities for our teens to participate in 12-21, which is a global Messianic initiative which strengthens the bonds of faith and community through programmed events and learning opportunities


Tikvat David provides a nursery during the service and teaching hour for children through age 4.