Shavuot Under The Stars 2023

Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) is just around the corner. Many of us look forward to this celebration literary counting the days of the Omer. On Shavuot we commemorate the evens of Sinai when all Israel witnessed God’s presence and heard his mighty voice. And much in this celebration is focused around being together and engaging God’s words as a community.

You may have celebrated Shavuot before but have you celebrated it Tikvat David style? We call our Shavuot celebration “Shavuot Under the Stars” because weather permitting, its always an outdoor event. It is traditional to eat dairy on Shavuot, so this year we commence our celebration indoors on Thursday May 25 @ 6pm with a gourmet ice cream bar. Yes, we eat dessert first and explain the tradition!

Then we make our way to Synagogue Lawn where we grill some kosher hamburgers, hotdogs and even vegan burgers. After dinner we gather around the fire pit and study and discuss Torah under the stars, late into the night. At some point vegan smores come out too. Its’ a family-friendly event and its free! You are invited, so come and bring your friends.

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